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Jackie Carson, working as a backup secretary for Jack Miller, found out that her boss, when she got to work, was a complete suck-ass, even though she still liked the way the boss fucked her. With the data, she quickly translated the situation and ordered the porn video from the phone of her boss, which he thought was very funny, except when he tied her to the desk and put his cock in her mouth to make the guy horny. Well, she had no choice but to fuck her right then and there in the office, and not just in the office, she also wanted it to be done to her.and she couldn't resist to a convincing way to do it - she had to be fucked in the mouth in order to not feel tired, and she did what she was told - she opened her mouth wide and drilled herself deep to the point that she would have her mouth broken and then she would cum, something that she couldn't wait to do

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